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February 10, 2023 - News, Story
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Welcome to a very special SonicScoop Giveaway! We’re getting you in touch with some elite analog gear — grab those knobs and feel those faders. It’s time to shape sonics with your hands instead of a mouse, because sometimes there’s nothing better!

MasteringWorks is offering from rockruepel — a versatile, extremely clean Mono VCA compressor with a wide range of attack and release times, that allow for multiple applications. It’s made by rockruepel, a German studio gear boutique that takes sound VERY seriously — it’s the exact kind of audio upstart we love here at SonicScoop.

The main feature of the is, as the name indicates, the filters in the sidechain. These sophisticated control options are unique and open new possibilities for shaping sound. Use in mono on individual tracks or in stereo on the 2-Bus for mixing or mastering.

The focus of this unit is on the high-pass and the low-pass filters for the sidechain. The filters range from 20Hz – 200Hz, 150Hz – 2.3kHz, and 1.5kHz – 20kHz, respectively. The Listen feature lets you listen to what the side chain is receiving and can be used as a high quality band-pass filter. The compressor ratios are 1:2 (soft), 1:4 (medium) and 1:10 (hard), attack times range from 0.1ms to 120ms and release times range from 0.1ms to 1.2s. The unit comes with an external power supply (110-240V) and a standard IEC cable.

Inspired by Luca Pretolesi’s (Diplo, Major Lazer u.a.) workflow and techniques, the rockruepel team has created a new way forward for sidechain based compression.

Check out some footage of in use HERE.

Click HERE for full specs and technical data.

TEC Awards Alert! YOU can vote for the, nominated for a 2023 TEC Award in the “Signal Processing Hardware” category. Show your love for this unique compressor — ANY member of the general public or audio enthusiast can vote this year, for the first time ever! Click HERE to vote! (Voting is not required to enter the Giveaway).

Enter below for your chance to win! This giveaway is open to residents of the US, North America and Europe only. See the official rules below for more information.

Contest ends February 16, 2023