EMI 920 Equaliser

EMI 920 modules, Stereo EQ, Serialnumber 1117 Made in England, Type BTR4

Manufactured by EMI England Hayes Middlesex circa 1967.

EMI Electronics Ltd Broadcast & Recording Equipment Divison; Hayes, Middlesex, England (UK) – also called:  EMI Electric+Musical Industries Ltd.

The modules were the EMI stereo mastering equalisers produced in the UK, with several made and shipped with the REDD51 consoles, to many parts of the world as outboard equalisers for the consoles. The 920 modules were part of the REDD series module designs which included the 806 mic preamp and others.

EMI’s REDD  recording consoles had a single bass and treble “pop”

equalizer per channel — a 100Hz shelf, 500Hz and 10kHz boost/cut,

the latter providing similar, if limited, curves to what a Pultec EQ can do with its separate boost and cut controls at the bass and treble ends of the audio spectrum. There was also an optional, fixed bass lift on each mic channel and specialized outboard EQs for additional frequencies. As the internal EQ was limited the external modules filled any gaps and were used extensively with the EMI sessions of the 50’s and 60’s..