Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT Analog Summing Mixer

June 19, 2022 - News, Videos
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THE NEXT GEN SUMMING AMP For over 20 years we’ve been improving the sound and performance of the world’s finest analog summing mixers.
The 2-BUS-XT leverages identical technology from the 2-BUS+ to sum your music and unlock its dimensional potential.

2X NEW ANALOG CUSTOM COLOR CIRCUITS From the audio Jedi Master, Chris Muth. X-FORMER III: Following a juggernaut of intensive listening trials, the transformers for X-FORMER III were specifically chosen to add a tasteful hit of 2nd order harmonics for lower midrange warmth while preserving top-end clarity. Perfect for adding complexity to sterile tracks and drawing the listener in deep.

COHERENCE: Coherence elevates the harmonic content of signals progressively by bringing up the detail as the levels are reduced, then allowing you to blend this result with the source mix, parallel compression style. Ride it during the hooks to add excitement and dimensional complexity.

AGILITY: Assign them to a pair of tracks, an aux send or the entire mix- they’re under your command and all on true hard wired bypasses.

PRIMED FOR EXPANSION The 2-BUS-XT is sonically and ergonomically primed by intentional design to increase the reach of your Dangerous System. Multiple units may be stacked for higher channel counts or team it up with the 2-BUS+ for three different color circuits or the D-BOX+ to add comprehensive monitor control. From conception, to astute design, to field testing by our Platinum Legacy Crüe, the 2-BUS-XT will breathe your music’s analog soul to life.