Mick Guzauski European Tour 2019

August 26, 2019 - News, Veranstaltungen
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Mick Guzauski is considered one of the top mix sound engineer and mixer in the world and has 11 Grammy Awards and over 27 #1 hits under his belt.  He worked for Daft Punk, Prince, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, Natalie Cole, Kenny G, Jamiroquai, Pharrel Williams and many more.

Mick’s love for both music and technology started when he was in high school. Growing up in Rochester, NY where there were no nearby commercial studios so Mick put together his own studio in parents’ basement with equipment that he had begged, borrowed, built, repaired and modified.

In the early ’80s, Mick worked with Maurice White and Earth, Wind and Fire at the Complex owned by George Massenburg (the father of parametric EQs in case you did not know…). “Being around George was a great learning experience in both the art of recording and in audio technology,” said Mick.

Then in 2013, Daft Punk was looking for an engineer/mixer to team up with on their fourth studio album and at the recommendation of mutual friend Mick got the call. Unlike most dance albums, the sound of Random Access Memories is completely organic and incredibly dynamic.

Mick well-known for his natural and organic sound, unprocessed, real and sweet to the ear.

Come and meet him and his workflow he created over all these years. Dive into techniques and stories from today and the past. !


  • COLOGNE SEPT 6-7th @ StudioSzene
  • BERLIN SEPT 11th @ Kung Fu Studios
  • ALGHERO, SARDINIA SEPT 14th @ SoundRoom Studios
  • PARIS SEPT 17th @ AbbeyRoadInstitute * PRIVAT EVENT

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