New York City / USA

Flux Studios

Flux is a 3000 SQF cutting edge music studio with a vintage heart and a modern mind.

The Fabulous Room is a mixing and mastering studio featuring the highest quality analog and digital gear for a super clean signal flow. At the center sits a vintage 16 channel Neve 54 series console and a full assortment of outboard by Dangerous, Neumann, GML, Mercury, API and many others. Ample space and a flawless listening environment via Focal monitors make it a premier mixing and mastering facility.

Sterling Modular Conversion Desk
Sterling Modular FaceUp Rack
Sterling Modular Versa Rack

Dangerous Music Monitor ST `
Dangerous Music 2Bus+
Dangerous Music Monitor SR
Dangerous Music Liaison
Dangerous Music DAC-ST
Dangerous Music Master
Dangerous Music MQ
Dangerous Music Mixer
2x Focal SM8 Monitor + Focal sub
2x Dangerous Convert 8
Dangerous Convert 2

rockruepel comp.two