Verlaine / Belgien

Leftright Audio | Dan D’Ascenzo Mastering

Reigning the Walloon region in Belgium, in Liège, LeftRight Audio Studio is under the command of Audio Engineer Dan D’Ascenzo, who is dealing with creative Mastering and Mixing, as well as sound design, music and beat making.

It is a warm location in a green area surrounded by nature, hosting lots of workshops, group & private sessions, as well as attended individual projects.


Strategically located between Germany, Holland and Belgium, Leftright Studio positions itself among the high-end mastering studios worldwide and presents itself with carefully selected gear from the best brands like Dangerous Music, SPL, Antelope and others (for more details feel free to check the detailed list presented under equipment).


Dan has been in the field for more than 15 years, both practicing and as a lecturer in SAE Institute. He is well known for his warm, human approach of the projects he works on and in the relationship with his clients. His creative style applies to all genres of music and artists as long as there is emotion in the productions which he then brings to another level.


Amphion Two18 + BaseOne 25 system

Dangerous Music Monitor ST



Antelope Eclipse + 10M Atomic Clock

Signal Processing:
Dangerous Music 2BUS +
Dangerous Music Liaison
Dangerous Music Master


Analog Outboard:


SPL PQ Mastering EQ RED Edition

Sontec 250A modified

Manley Massive Passive


Dynamic control:
SPL IRON Mastering Compressor Red Edition

Foote P3S ME Compressor

HCL Varis Valve Compressor

SSL 4000G Bus Compressor custom build

1176 stereo custom build


Other magical stuff:

Electric Lane Black Coffee Pre Amp

Aphex Aural Exiter 250 C III

Vovox Sonorus Direct S – Purum certified Studio


Digital Tools & Plugins:


Universal Audio’s UAD QUAD + Apollo 16: Full option
Plugin Alliance
AudioFIle Engineering Spectre


Presonus Studio One V3
Protools 10 & 12

Logic X


Tascam CD

Sony DAT

Stanton ST.150 Turntable
Studer A80 Tape Machine



DAW / Workstation:


Studio One Pro V3
Wavelab 9
Sonic Studio Soundblade HD