Hamburg / Deutschland

Original Mastering

ORIGINAL MASTERING is a professional mastering studio run by mastering engineer Philipp Welsing. Planned and built entirely by MBAkustik (Markus Bertram) in Hamburg/Germany as a strict room-in-room construction, this high end mastering environment offers a neutral listening situation, the most sophisticated analog as well as digital outboard gear and more than six years of experience in mastering the entire range of styles music has to offer today.

A vocal booth has been attached directly to the mastering studio – a high quality recording room for vocals, speech as well as single instruments of almost any kind. This is especially convenient for mixing engineers wanting to check the sound of their work and even being able to instantly add tracks captured in the recording booth.

The monitoring equipment has been chosen to achieve the most neutral and true reproduction of the initial mix and the resulting master – with Strauss Elektroakustik “SE-MF-2” mastering monitors, a Soulution “711” stereo power amp and the “MTC-2” mastering console by Maselec.

In use at Original Mastering (excerpt): Dangerous Music “BAX”, Rockruepel “Limit.One”, an original Studer “A80R”, Knif “Soma”, Elysia “Alpha”, GML “2030” and converters made by Mytek, Prism Sound and Lavry.

Sterling Modular PLAN E
Dangerous Music “BAX”
Rockruepel “Limit.One”
original Studer “A80R”
Knif “Soma”
Elysia “Alpha”
GML “2030”
Mytek, Prism Sound and Lavry