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Robert Babicz Studio

RobAcidMastering, Malta
Most DJ’s play songs which producers make. Then there is Robert Babicz who makes music, which touches people and has a lasting effect, which not many can reciprocate. Robert Babicz has been said to be the most versatile producer coming out of Germany for many years. A true pioneer of minimalistic sounds as well as raw groove. An innovator of sound who has managed to define his own genre, whether producing Tech House, Minimal or Acid Techno.

Every Babicz track can clearly be distinguished by his powerfully mastered, deep compressed basslines and effects. Also worth mentioning is his constant releases on top labels such as Systematic, Kompakt/K2 , Audiomatique, Out Of Orbit, Punkt, Treibstoff and Mille Plateaux. By simply looking at his studio ( can understand why Babicz’s tracks are truly appreciated whether on the dance floor or simply easy listening. Every aspect of the Babicz sound is amplified and tweaked to the maximum.

The German wizard assumes control of the sensory abilities of every person on the dancefloor from the moment he hits his first note and proceeds to play as a musical puppet master from the helm of his 100 per cent live set up. DARK FLOWER

Guzauski Swist GS3 System

Dangerous Music Monitor ST, Dangerous S&M, BAX EQ, 2 Bus +

lots of cool vintage and analog gear