Berlin / Deutschland

Scape Mastering

After 17 years of scape mastering in Prenzlauer Berg, we relocated our studio into new rooms in Summer 2017. Our new studio was built as a very unique place by Kerstin Petersen, under the consultance of the acoustic planning office of Krämer & Stegmaier. Designed specially for our needs, „room in room“ construction as well as the specially manufactured accoutsic modules and diffusers provide an outstanding listening environment: Anechoic, transparent, open and honest

Furthermore the location, over the roofs of Berlin, turns our rooms into a sunlit space, where working with the daylight stays comfortable, including the longer sessions. Specially modified analogue and digital Equipment support the positive atmosphere of the room and are the main tools for achiving the best result for the processing of music.

The studio features

Sterling Modular Multistation 3 Bay

Dangerous Master

Dangerous Monitor ST

Dangerous BAX EQ

and much more….