Jacksonsville / USA

The Freq Zone

The Freq Zone and Nathan Hamiel Mastering is a high-end studio in Jacksonville, Florida providing recording, mixing, and mastering services to customers around the world. The studio features a collection of vintage and modern gear with an emphasis on elevating the quality of audio.

The Freq Zone was designed by Gavin Haverstick of Haverstick Designs and coupled with our monitoring system provides an excellent listening environment allowing us to highlight the minute details that are often missed in music productions. The room has a vibe and character that is conducive to creativity.

With a strong emphasis on audio mastering and finalization, the studio uses its collection of gear for both stereo mastering and up to 24 channels of stem mastering. All of this allows us to provide the final polish to take customer productions to the next level.

Dangerous Music Master
Dangerous Music Liaison
Dangerous Music Monitor ST
Dangerous Music Convert-2
Dangerous Music BAX EQ

Sterling Modular Mixer Conversion
Sterling Modular Two Bay Face-Up Rack

And much more.